Top 5 Customer Favorites

by / Thursday, 30 July 2015 / Published in Blog

At Jerusalem, we specialize in Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine, including Lebanese, Moroccan. We thrive on the quality of our dishes as well as the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we are more than delighted to share with you the most reviewed dishes by other loyal customers. Here is The Best of The Best of Jerusalem.

#5: Shish Tawook

Shish Tawook

This dish is a traditional Middle Eastern shish kabob. Our Shish Tawook features marinated chunks of chicken grilled on a skewer with fresh tomatoes and crisp green peppers. Make it a meal with rice and a house salad and enjoy this fresh dish for lunch or dinner, charbroiled to your liking.

“Once my food finally came out, the chicken Shish kabob was delicious!! Even better than the first time. The seasoning was right on!”

Jess S. on Yelp

#4: Legs of Lamb

Shish Kabob

Our lamb shank is boiled and broiled with an exotic combination of spices, making it one of Jerusalem’s most popular dishes.

“My favourite is the leg of lamb and hers is the kofte kabob. sometimes she switches the rice that comes with the kabobs for french fries.” 

Saad S. on Yelp

#3: Hummus

Meat Shawarma

Our hummus dish is a blend of hearty chickpeas pureed with tahini, flavored with garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil and complimented with a side of warm pita bread. This combination makes for a great appetizer every time.

“They served it with a side of pita that was warm and fresh.”


#2: Chicken Shawarma


A popular dish in the Middle East, is very tender meat marinated with special spices. They are sliced thin, and placed vertically in a skewer to slowly roast by low fire.

“One of my favorite restaurants. I’ve been coming here for about 15 years. Get the Chicken Shawarma or the Lamb Kabobs and you won’t be disappointed!”

Cynthia L. on Yelp

#1: Kabob Combination


This entrée is a combination of shish kabob- lamb, shish tawook- chicken, and kafta- ground beef and lamb. This meal is combined with rice and a house salad.

“The mixed plate… Totally delicious!! It’s a lot food!! The lamb skewer had all the right flavors. You will not be disappointed. Very friendly service. We will make this one of our favorites when we come to town.”

Tracie S. on Yelp

Check out these reviews and more on websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor. We’d like to know what your Jerusalem favorites are!